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ScriptX.Services Pricing

Whilst Internet Explorer continues to be a powerful corporate tool today's users connect to web apps with a variety of devices and modern browsers such as the Chrome and Edge browsers.

ScriptX.Services is our evolution of SciptX.Add-on for Internet Explorer to providing developers with the tools for ensuring the consistent formatting and appearance of printed output regardless of the users device or modern browser.

 ScriptX.Services for Cloud

Free (fair use)

Our cloud service provides for `printing` to a PDF/XPS file which is downloaded by the user. They may open, save or print the file - think of this as an easy way to provide "download this page as a PDF/XPS document" facility on your website.

The advanced formatting and appearance features include:

  • choosing the paper size to use,
  • monitoring of job progress,
  • full html headers and footers,
  • advanced print scaling.

All support is from the community. Obviously we are part of that community and contribute but won't don a back-pack, cramp-irons and jump on a motorbike to rescue you.

 ScriptX.Services for On-Premise Devices

$2500 pa

An on-premise service is completely under your own control and provides for `printing` to any print device available to the service server.

A development server is supported at no additional cost.

Please contact us for details on multiserver discounts. Each server may support any number of applications.

For users, the service is frictionless. There is nothing to install, your users may be using any modern browser on any device or Internet Explorer 11 on a Windows PC.

A migration path with very few code changes is available for all current licensees of ScriptX.Add-on.

 ScriptX.Services for Windows PC

From $2500 pa

The closest equivalent to ScriptX.Add-on for Internet Explorer, the device service provides for `printing` to any print device available to the client Windows PC.

Each user must install the service on their Windows PC.

Current ScriptX.Add-on Client licenses will be valid to work with ScriptX.Services for Windows PC and there is a reasonable migration path to update current scripts that work with the Add-on to work with ScriptX.Services for Windows PC.

ScriptX.Services for Windows PC is available now.