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These samples illustrate using this service to provide "printing" from any browser and showcase how javascript written against ScriptX.Add-on for Internet Explorer can work unchanged with ScriptX.Services.

Installation and basic use

Introduction to using ScriptX Services

How to use ScriptX Services on a web page in a new project/service

Shows the recommended javasacript libraries required and their use when starting a new project that will only use ScriptX.Print in the cloud or on-premise.

How to use ScriptX Services on a web page and maintain compatibility with previous code

Shows the javasacript libraries required and their use when when you need to maintain compatibility with current code and the ScriptX add-on.

Display version information on the client script libraries

This is a useful page to show the version of the each of the main client side components of ScriptX Services that are in use on your device.

Basic use

Print and preview

Illustrates the fundamentals of starting a print preview or print from javascript. (Please note that Print Preview is not implemented yet).

The basic print features

Illustrates the use of many of the basic features of ScriptX.


Advanced print features

The use of Advanced features of ScriptX.Add-on require a client side license. All advanced features are included in all licenses for ScriptX.Services.

Introduction and overview of advanced features for printing HTML

Provides a summary of the advanced features of ScriptX and shows the use of many advanced features.

Controlling margins, printing and previewing frames

In an international environment there may be a mixture of margin measurement units - this sample sets margins in the opposite units to your default illustrating that with ScriptX you gain control of the units for specifying measurements. This sample also illustrates the scaled to fit preview and printing of a frame.

Controlling printers and print queues

Illustrates the use of the printerControl, Jobs and Job objects.

Providing UX/UI

A simple print user interface

It can be useful to provide the user with a targetted user interface rather than rely on all attributes being set in script. This sample illustrates listing the available printers and allowing the user to select the printer to use.

A complete print user interface

It can be useful to provide the user with a targetted user interface rather than rely on all attributes being set in script. This sample implements the Page setup and Print settings dialogs in a single HTML dialog.

Print html snippets / dynamic content

Very often ScriptX is used to print the content of the document as it is displayed on the screen but there can also be a need to print literal html content that is dynamicaly constructed by javascript code or extracts from the page content.

By using the html:// pseudo protocol, the PrintHTMLEx() method can print dynamically created content.


An introduction to printing snippets of literal html with ScriptX.

Enhanced page layout

Enhanced page layout is the ability to use page headers and footers that use full html markup instead of simply text in a single font and to define the pages to print as more than a single range.

This capability is useful to provide a 'master' page style of working with logos etc. specified in script and the printed document content coming from the current page.

HTML headers and footers introduction

A simple example showing the basics of using html markup in headers and footers.

Headers and footers with images and multi-line HTML

There are no limits beyond what HTML can do.

Page ranges

This sample shows the use of enhanced page range specification; the ability to print arbitrary ranges of pages (rather than a single range) and print only odd, only even or both odd and even numbered pages.

Techie *Everything*

An all-in-one sample by which you can explore the effect on output of each of the enhanced formatting options along with all the other options such as margins, the printer to use, orientation etc. This is the ultimate sample!

Working with and printing SVG

Scaling SVG

Uses simple SVG elements to illustrate support for SVG. An issue with SVG is that it can require scale factors outside the default range. ScriptX has solutions for this.

Scaling Framed SVG

As above but the sample content is shown in a frame.

Business charts with no ScriptX

Illustrates the standard behaviour of your device and browser with some SVG charts without ScriptX.

Business charts with ScriptX

Illustrates the control of printing SVG charts with ScriptX.

SVG charts from Highcharts

Highcharts is a javascript library for drawing charts in SVG. Highcharts work with ScriptX but you may need to take account of scaling limitations.