MeadCo's ScriptX.Add-on for Internet Explorer is the world's favourite add-on for Internet Explorer on Windows. It delivers the guarantee of consistent formatting and appearance of printed output on any local or networked printer, regardless of the printing attributes already set in that computer's browser.


ScriptX.Services is an evolution that provides developers with the tools they need to ensure the consistent formatting and appearance of printed output wherever it is needed.

Works in every browser:


Try it now

Touch the button to receive a PDF of this page. This example is simple but the margins, the page header and footer and the paper orientation have all been described in JavaScript and standard CSS has been used to remove some content for the print and to layout the content appropriately. Notice the date and time in the headers and footers - the PDF was produced right now, it isn't a canned file.


You will receive a PDF file - the output from our cloud service `printing` using a print to PDF print driver.


Always consistent output

The result is output with consistent formatting and appearance regardless of the settings of the browser in use.

The same idea works with the service hosted not in the cloud but on your own network or on each individual Windows PC. You can then achieve consistent printing from any browser to any paper/labels printer available on the network or PC.

Consistent controls

Headers and Footers

Both plain text and styled html including images and meta data such as page and date when printing html.


Set print margins in a preferred measurement unit when printing html.


The size of paper to use

Paper source

Select the printer and paper bin.


Monitor print processes to spooling to the printer and re-submit those that fail.


Whatever your medium, ScriptX can print it.



for Windows PC

The closest equivalent to ScriptX.Add-on for Internet Explorer, the device service provides for printing to any print device available to the client Windows PC.

Each user must install the ScriptX.Services on their Windows PC.

From $2500 pa

Unlimited users

Unlimited support

10 domains

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On Premise

An on-premise service is completely under your own control and provides for printing to any print device available to the server.

For users, the service is frictionless with zero install for any device on the network.

$3000 pa

Unlimited users

Unlimited support

2 servers

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Brilliant for testing and evaluation of ScriptX.Services and also an easy way to provide "download this page as a PDF/XPS document" facility on your public website.


Free (fair use)

Unlimited users

1 domain

Zero install

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