Privacy Policy

We value your privacy.


This site does not use persistent cookies. Temporary cookies may be used to enhance the function of the site while you are using the site.

Tracking, data collection and analysis etc. etc.

We don't

We do not use any analytics software on this site, we do not use bugs from anywhere else on the web on the site - so thats Google, Facebook, Twitter, Bing etc just to name the famous ones, we dont use infamous ones either.

Subscriber information - collection and use

The information that you provide us enables us to provide the service to you. We use the information to deal with your enquiries, correspondence, technical support, subsequent order placing and to update and maintain your records with MeadCo. We may occasionally send an e-mail update following a visit to our site, and this service can be prevented by selecting 'instant removal' from the bottom of that e-mail.

Use of the service

We do not store any data in source or analysed form that you or your client systems may provide to us for rendering to a file format.

We do count numbers of users and when for the purposes of usage monitoring and enforcement of usage policies.

Information sharing with 3rd Parties

We don't

MeadCo does not share the information that we receive about you with any third-party organisations. We will not sell your personal information to any third-party organisations.